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Favorite Crowdsourced Project of the Month: Lief Smart Patch

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Thinkstr’s favorite crowdsourced project of the month is the Lief Smart Smart Patch. 

Every month we pick our favorite crowdsourced project of the month.

At Thinkstr, we are big fans of crowdfunding platforms because they have enabled so many creative projects and technical innovations.

Our favorite this month is Lief Therapeutics’ Smart Patch. Lief tracks and optimizes your resiliency to stress by increasing your natural heart rate variability (HRV), a biomarker of your physical and psychological health.

Project Pitch

Stay calm and focused by learning to control your body’s natural stress response.



Project on Kickstarter

Lief Smart Patch

Why we think it is awesome

Not only does this wearable help users users become more aware of their bodily and mental functions, it helps train them to improve their powers of self regulation.

lief Therapeutics

Lief Therapeutics Smart Patch stands out

  • Designed to comfortably fit and bend with your torso
  • The patch is just 6mm thin and sits under your clothing discreetly
  • Uses short 3-minute biofeedback exercises or “doses” as a central training tool in building long-term results
  • Support app helps you record your thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and sensations

What makes us hesitate

Lief claims to have a built and tested a very effective prototype with proven results at helping users control their stress levels. Just how effective it really is remains to be seen. They point out that challenges associated with scaling up production with their manufacturing partner could lead to delays in their shipping date

Funding End Date

 January 10, 2017

Product Available

June 2017

Funder Entry Price


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